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Developed on a working farm, by farmers for farmers.

The Claydon family have been farming the heavy clay lands of Suffolk since the early 1900s.  Jeffrey and Frank Claydon are the third generation to be farming the land now under the E.T. Claydon and Sons family partnership name; the brothers have been farming since 1970 and still farm the land to the present day.

This is what makes Claydon products unique; the fact that they are developed on a working farm by farmers for farmers.  They are truly tried and tested in real farming conditions in a real farm environment before they are brought to market.

The first Claydon product was the Claydon Yield-o-Meter invented by Jeffrey Claydon in 1980, subsequently forming Claydon Yield-o-Meter Limited.

Jeff’s vision was to create a grain monitoring device that could be fitted to almost any combine and would give accurate readings of how tonnes were being harvested by the combine, as opposed to using the traditional method of a weighbridge.  This was to become the first ever grain monitoring device to be fitted to a combine.

This enabled the farmer to analyse data that they had previously had to guess, helping them to determine high yielding crops and varieties much more easily than ever before, and giving the farmer an accurate reading of how much grain he had harvested that minute, hour, day month or year.  Such was its success that in 1995 Claydon won an RASE Silver Medal for the Yield-o-Meter.

The Yield-o-Meter was subsequently fitted to many combines in the UK and Europe.

In 1995 Claydon Yield-o-Meter Limited brought the Claydon Furrow Cracker to the UK market. This is a device that has been fitted to hundreds of ploughs throughout the UK which slices through the freshly turned clods at up to 6 inches deep in 2 inch rows, allowing the weather into the soil to decompose the clod naturally.

In 2003,  Jeff Claydon launched the first Claydon strip tillage drill - the Claydon V Drill. Since then, Claydon has become the European market leaders in strip till drilling with hundreds of direct drills and straw harrows working in over 30 countries across the world.

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